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We provide a wide array of cleaning services for your home.  We prefer to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which are non-toxic and designed to keep your family and pets safe. Please visit our Services page to see which service best fits your needs.  Our team will partner with you to create the perfect plan for your home and lifestyle!  

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our goal is to make your home sparkle!  If you reside in or around Dayton, Ohio, we can help you overcome that never-ending battle with your home! Our services generally include preparing your home for a special event, providing a detail/deep cleaning, and our personal favorite---helping you maintain balance in your home with a regularly scheduled cleaning service. Please contact us to schedule an in person consultation!

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iHeart Cleaning started with a simple vision and a friendship!  The owners, Mandy and Cathy, have been friends for 20+ years.  In 2015, Cathy left her corporate job with a plan to start an independent cleaning service!  When she shared her new career path with Mandy, a partnership began! Mandy and Cathy's combined passion for cleaning and organizing was the inception of iHeart Cleaning. 

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